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What is an EnerGuide home evaluation?

An EnerGuide home evaluation is a service designed to help homeowners increase the energy-efficiency and comfort of their homes.

An EnerGuide evaluation provides useful information about your home’s energy performance that can help you make informed decisions when operating, renovating or purchasing a home.



An evaluation will provide you with information that can help you better understand how your home uses energy so you can make the best energy efficiency choices to save on utility costs.



When undertaking renovations or upgrades to your home, including energy efficiency measures makes sense in the context of Canada’s climate. An evaluation will help you make informed decisions about which upgrades would work best for your home, how to prioritize them and which will save you most on energy costs. An evaluation is the first step in smart home renovations.


A home that receives an energy efficiency rating will show you how the home rates compared to other homes in your area. Look for the EnerGuide label on the electrical panel to get a snapshot of the home’s energy performance at the time of the evaluation.

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